Akatsuki Rings Designs

Akatsuki Rings play an important role in the membership. In total, there are ten rings given to each of the main members of Akatsuki. Each member of Akatsuki wears a ring as their identity. Each ring symbolizes membership and written with different kanji. Orochimaru were ten years ago out of the Akatsuki still keeps his ring.

Akatsuki Rings

Akatsuki Rings Position

1. Akatsuki Ring Pein (Nagato)

Name: Rei (Zero),  Meaning: Empty or not there, Position: Right Thumb, Color: Unknown

Akatsuki Ring Pein2. Akatsuki Ring Deidara

Name: Seiryu, Meaning: Blue or Green, Position: Right index finger, Color: Blue

 Akatsuki Deidara Ring

3. Akatsuki Ring Konan

Name: Byakko, Meaning: White, Position: Right middle finger, Colour: White
Akatsuki Konan Ring

4. Akatsuki Ring Uchiha Itachi

Name:  Suzaku,  Meaning: Red lit or Dengue, Position: Right ring finger, Color: Red

Akatsuki Ring Uchiha Itachi
5. Akatsuki Ring Zetsu

Name: Genbu , Meaning: Mysterious or Pork forest, Position: Right little finger, Color: Black
Akatsuki Zetsu Ring6. Akatsuki Ring Sasori / Tobi

Name: Gyokunyo,  Meaning: Virgo, the Virgin or King (in Shogi), Position: Left Thumb, Color: Purple
Akatsuki Sasori Ring

7. Akatsuki Ring Hidan

Name: Relax,  Meaning: Three (levels), Position: left index finger, Color: Unknown
Akatsuki Hidan Ring

8. Akatsuki Ring Kakuzu

Name: Hokuto, Meaning: North, Position: left middle finger, Color: Unknown
Akatsuki Kakuzu Ring

9. Akatsuki Ring Hoshigaki Kisame

Name:  Nanju,  Meaning: South, Position: left ring finger, Color: Yellow
Akatsuki Hoshigaki Kisame Ring10. Akatsuki Ring Orochimaru

Name: Kuchin,  Meaning: The sky, Position: Left little finger, Color: Blue Sky / Light Blue

Akatsuki Orochimaru Ring


Kanji on Akatsuki Rings

Eight of the ten kanji of the Akatsuki rings taken from the Kuji-in (Nine Syllable Seals): a collection of nine hand postures used in meditation. Kuji-in have found their way into ninja folklore as a kind of magic spell. Pain’s “rei” and Zetsu’s “gai” are not from the Kuji-in. However, the only unused Kuji-in kanji, ? (gen, “mysterious”) have a strong resemblance to Zetsu’s “gai”, indicating an error. It would be a consistent error, however, since the “gai” kanji has been used in every instance the ring kanji has been shown, in both the manga and the data books.

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