Beyonce Wedding Ring: The Worth Price for Great Carat Size

Getting married may be one of the greatest moment in someone’s life, and it may be the inspiration of Jay Z in giving the Beyonce wedding ring. Having that thought, every man in the world may want to give their lovable woman with an expensive price wedding ring to show their status and pride to other people. Besides showing their wealth, some people tend to buy it to show how much his love to her.

Beyonce Wedding Ring: The Details

beyonce wedding ring

As we know that Jay Z is a well-known singer that extravagant way of life, he can easily buy something without thinking about the money he spends, including the Beyonce wedding ring. He also purchased an extremely expensive ring to his girl. This Beyonce wedding ring size of 20 karat ring consists of 18 karat of emerald cut diamond that forms the main gemstone in that gorgeous ring. Beyonce wedding ring price is for about 5 million dollars. What a fantastic price it is!

beyonce wedding ring tattoo

Beyonce Wedding Ring: The Tattoo

To honour his husband, Jay Z, Beyonce decided to make a tattoo representing Beyonce wedding ring when she did not wear it. She made the “IV” written on her left ring finger regarding their date birthday and wedding date. This permanent tattoo that was served as her lifetime wedding band was valued £ 3 million. However, she then removed it along with the bad relationship with the father of Blue Ivy, their lovable daughter.

beyonce knowles wedding ring

From those information, we can say that it does not matter how much your wedding ring that you will give to your fiance. Although some people think that the wedding ring serves the best pat on your wedding ceremony, you also need to prove your committed love to your spouse. In this case, it is not wrong giving an expensive one to your fiancée but do not make it is just last a short time, like the Beyonce wedding ring.

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