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Wedding ring placement on finger

Wedding ring placement – Have you ever asked yourself why the wedding ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand? We recently pondered the same question and in response we decided to go in search of where this idea may have originated. As you can imagine there were many interpretations and we have […]

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How to clean a diamond ring with windex

How to clean a diamond rings at home

How to Clean a Diamond Rings – A sparkling engagement ring on your finger is surely an attention-grabber, but it also attracts dirt from every single day wear. To keep your personal piece of jewelry glistening, periodically ensure that the diamond, setting, and ring are exempt from dirt and grime. Rather than taking it to […]

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings with Small Diamond

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings would be a good choice for you who want to have the engagement rings with the beautiful design. As we know, there are a lot of people who choose this kind of ring to make their engagement day become lasts forever. The engagement ring is important since it become a main […]

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white gold and black diamond engagement rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings : The Unique Meaning behind It

Many couples are being hypnotized by the fabulous look of the black diamond engagement rings. They often use it as their engagement ring; even some celebrities also choose these unique engagement rings. Compared to the white type, this black diamond has their personal charisma in catching the attention of the people from the first look. […]

Diamond Wedding Bands: The Most Unique and Eternity Ring

Who do not want a diamond wedding bands in your wedding day? Since this especially day that is held once in your live, you may absolutely want the best stuff related to your wedding. As the most significant part in that occasion is the wedding ring, you need to selectively choose the perfect one that […]

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natural blue diamond rings

Blue Diamond Rings : Beauty of the Rare Natural Jewelery

Blue Diamond Rings – As a diamond lover, you may want to have all the coloured stone of the diamond, including the blue diamond rings. The blue colour is so awesome, as it is representing the beauty of the sky, ocean, and also lake. Many people love this colour so much since it can create […]

Chocolate Diamond Rings : Le Vian Work Art on Your Engagement

If you want to get a unique ring that is not common, you can choose the chocolate diamond rings as your choice. It offers the luxury and elegance style and design. You can select the one that is simple that enables you were completing your gorgeous clothes. Since there are so many designs and styles […]

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princess cut diamond engagement rings

Diamond Engagement Rings : Antique or Princess Cut You Prefer

Most men may want to use the diamond engagement rings to give a surprise to their fiancée. If you have it in your hand, you obviously will make her amaze and even she may shed a few tears at her engagement day. One of the popular styles is the princess cut that looks so modern […]

Wedding Rings for Women : Choose Tiffany or Jared

Wedding Rings for Women is a thing a groom-to-be should consider carefully. Women usually want the great quality of the ring, which will cost people a large amount of money. The ring should be the one that is memorable both has a great material. The ring makers in the world have much model one can […]

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Diamond Rings band tour dates

Diamond Rings – The Beauty of Diamond Rings 1

Diamond Rings are the popular engagement ring. Beautiful and precious, this is the first impression about this ring. Diamond ring can be a form of the immortal love. Like people know, diamond is the most durable gemstone. Compare with the other precious stone, diamond has the longer durability. The durability can be reached for years. In […]

5 Carat Diamond Ring Can You Really getting One Under $ 4000? 1

5 carat diamond ring – It may be possible to seem for a 5 carat diamond solitaire ring for underneath $4000, however, not really probable. Truth be told there are a not enough larger jewels and every little thing 1 carat and mentioned earlier on commands reduced price. 5 carat diamond ring If you have […]

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Diamond Rings Varieties 17

Diamond rings  is diamond bands can be generally categorized because engagement, wedding, archetypal solitaires, friendship, loved-one’s birthday, eternity and drink rings. Wedding rings under each and every of the above classes have their own relevance, meaning and purpose. Let’s see every single and every type in details in the following lines. Diamond rings Engagement diamond […]