Claddagh Engagement Ring: Promise Meaning from Beloved One

The Claddagh engagement ring is maybe the most precious jewellery of the Irish heritage that has strong philosophy. This Irish Claddagh engagement ring meaning comes from its historical story that represents the loyalty that is symbolized from the crown, the love that is symbolized from the heart, and the togetherness or friendship that is symbolized from the hands. The design of this ring is based on the tradition of the Irish. Nowadays, the popularization of this jewellery has widely spread.

Claddagh Engagement Ring: The Design Variation

claddagh ring meaning


As there are a great demand of the Claddagh engagement ring because of its philosophy, the jewellers work hard in creating a modification of the original design. In this case, the traditional touch still you can see on its surface. So that you can have a more modern look on a vintage ring. One of the new designs is created by using two piece of hearts, whether the other designs shows no crown on it.

Claddagh Engagement Ring: The Meaning

The meaning of the Claddagh engagement ring is the thing that makes a great appeal on this vintage ring. The deep philosophy of this ring makes this jewellery is appropriate for engagement ring, wedding ring, mother’s day ring, birth stone rings, and any other occasions. The true and pure intention of this Irish ring has placed them into a faith ring category. As an engagement or wedding ring, you may use the gemstone you like that will decorate the gorgeous ring.

If you desire the more beautiful Claddagh promise ring that can serve as the sacral and meaningful ring with your lovely spouse, you can get some beautiful diamonds as the detail of the sparkly crown. Although the price is a little bit higher using the diamonds, the luxurious look of this vintage modern jewellery design is worth with the cost. You will not regret after buying this Claddagh engagement ring.

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