Claddagh Ring Meaning : The Relationship History behind It

Have you ever heard the Claddagh ring meaning? Do not underestimate this ring just because it is a traditional jewelery. It has a deep meaning and philosophy as the heart represents love; the hands represent togetherness or friendship, and the crown represents loyalty. It is one of the Irish precious heritages that still exist until now. The unique thing from this culture is that it needs to be worn differently based on some criteria.

Claddagh Ring Meaning: The Origin

meaning of claddagh ring,

There are some legends of the Claddagh ring history. One of the hot story is about a man called Richard Joe who was apart from his lovable woman created this gorgeous ring as the symbol of his hope to marry his beloved woman one day. That is why the dedication, love, and loyalty of the man represent the Claddagh ring meaning. The reason why this heritage is still exist until now because it passes from mother to her daughter or grandmother to her granddaughter over the generations. Commonly, it passes on the wedding ceremony.

Claddagh Ring Meaning: The Marital Status

Based on Claddagh ring meaning relationship, Claddagh ring meaning depends on the design of the ring’s wearer. It means that the ring represents the relationship affair of the woman. When the women are still single, they should wear it on their right hand and place the heart symbol facing out. In this case, the women are open their heart in building a new relationship. However, if they are still single, but they are dating someone or have someone in their heart, they should wear it with the heart symbol turned in.

Different from the women who are already involved, they should wear it on their left hand. In this case, they should place the heart facing out. Whether they are married, the ring will be reversed on the wedding occasion, so that the heart symbol facing in. Having those information on how should you use will not make any confusion then. Finally, though it is a classy tradition, it has a fabulous Claddagh ring meaning.

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