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Claddagh Ring has known as the symbol of love and relationship. The unique design and the precious material makes this ring looks so special. It is not just about the beauty. Deep inside the ring, there is the great meaning. When you see it carefully, you will see three forms inside the ring. There is hands, heart and crown. The hands is the representation of friendship, heart for love and the crown represents loyalty. And now, this ring can be a perfect give for friends or for lover.

Claddagh ring produced in the 17th century by Galway. The first claddagh rings has been made in Irish. This is why this ring is so related with Irish’s culture. In the beginning, this ring belongs to a European finger ring group. That group has known as fede rings. The meaning of this name is faith and loyalty. This ring becomes more popular. In the Medieval and Renaissance Europe, it also used as engagement or wedding ring.

The Claddagh Ring Meaning

The Claddagh Ring Meaning is so deep. Faith, trust and plighted troth, these are the meaning of the form of two clasped hands. At the first design, this ring looks not too special. It is still simple. But it is growing now. In this time, this ring becomes more attractive, more beautiful and fully with complicated motif. Even it also combined with the precious gemstone. Claddagh ring is not just for women. But in the most case, this ring has been made for women and used by them. But men can also use it. Some claddagh ring designed with the more masculine style. This style makes the ring looks manly and suitable for men.

Claddagh Ring gold diamond

For some people, maybe they have a question about how to wear a claddagh ring. Actually there is nothing special. This ring is like the other ring. People just need to put it in their finger. But it will be better to wear this ring in the special moment. Wedding or engagement is the right time to wear this ring. In this special day, the distinction of the wedding or engagement will be better. Deep inside the ring, there is the great hopes to keep. Maybe this ring is like the other ring. But the usage has the great meaning. For example, wearing claddigh ring on the right hand with the heart toward the fingertips, it means the wearer is single and look for love. If the ring used on the right hand with the heart toward the wrist, it means the wearer is in relationship. If the wearer is engaged, this ring will be used on the left hand with the heart toward the fingertips. But if the wearer is married, she will wear it on the left hand with the heart toward the wrist.

The irish claddagh ring

Claddagh rings has known as an icon of Irish. In this time, many of them designed with the other Celtic or Irish symbol. But the most claddagh rings used emblem of Irish. This is why this ring is also known as an Irish identity. The production of claddagh ring began in 1700. But in that time, the name of claddagh ring was not used. The name of claddagh ring was used since 1840. Because this ring is so old, there are so many legend stories about it. Even there are some mystical story about it.

As Irish ring, claddagh ring is so popular in Irish. Even it becomes a tradition in Irish. But the popularity of Irish Claddagh Ring is growing. In this time, this ring is not just popular in Irish. It also popular in the other country. Even it has used as an engagement or wedding ring in the other country too. The famous people who wear this ring are John F. Kennedy and his wife.

The genuine claddagh rings is not just good in quality. It also has the clear beauty. It can be seen from the design, the detail and the finishing. If the ring is really good, the good design and the smooth finishing is a certainty. Talking about the size, claddagh ring appears in the varied design. Sometimes it appears with the thin metal. In the other design, it appears in the thick metal and cover the finger well. Sometimes, claddagh rings designed with gemstone too. Like people know, diamond is the popular gemstone. In some claddagh ring, this gemstone has been used to beautify the ring too.

How to Find claddagh engagement ring

Find Claddagh Engagement Ring can be fun but confusing. Unlike the other ring, the meaning and the essential of claddagh ring is so clear. Relationship, love and loyalty, these impressions will always be existed inside the ring. But for the detail, it must be chosen based on the wearer. The different people need the different ring. To get the best ring, consider about the ring’s personality is so necessary. The size of the finger is also need to consider. If the finger is small, make sure to take claddagh ring which has the thin metal. And if the finger looks big enough, it will be better to take the bigger and the thicker one.

The price of claddagh ring is so varied. This is depending on the design, the brand, the metal and the gemstone. It looks similar with the other ring. For the cheap one, this ring can be sold in $63. In this price range, claddagh ring appears in the simple design. For the better choice, people can choose the more expensive one. In the best form, claddagh ring can be sold in $2,357. Maybe it looks so expensive. But the design, the detail and the finishing is really good. In this price range, the ring uses the quality diamond.

To get the quality ring, people need to find it in the right place. Find it in the great jewelry store is better. But it will be better to find it in the claddagh rings store. In the specific store, people can find more claddagh rings. The option is so varied. And talking about the quality, there is nothing to doubt. Even they also has the nice offer and the nice price for their Claddagh Ring.

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