Diamond Engagement Rings : Antique or Princess Cut You Prefer

Most men may want to use the diamond engagement rings to give a surprise to their fiancée. If you have it in your hand, you obviously will make her amaze and even she may shed a few tears at her engagement day. One of the popular styles is the princess cut that looks so modern and luxurious. But, if you like a classy object, you may consider the antique engagement rings.

princess cut diamond engagement rings

Diamond Engagement Rings: The Modern One

The modern style of princess cut diamond engagement rings can be your perfect choice as it has an elegant look. Since most women want to be like a queen or princess, this princess cut diamond can grant every woman wish. It is first introduced by Arpad Nagy in early 1960s in London. People consider these diamond engagement rings as a pyramid that has four sides that having a sloping edge or surface with amazing facts. Somehow, it represents a great love commitment.

Diamond Engagement Rings: The Vintage One

If you do not really like a modern look, you can use the antique diamond ring as your choice. Because somehow, it represents the memories of the past about someone. In this case, the classy look of the diamond engagement rings can last long, so that you can pass it to your daughter one day. Also, it is passed from generation to generation, the antique look will always show its beauty.

Since the diamond has a unique beauty and luxurious appearance; people are not reluctant in spending a great amount of money to get the diamonds they want. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is deciding the style of the ring you and your fiancé or fiancée desire. Even the price is not cheap; all the luxurious image and long-lasting beauty will not make you regret. Well, have you found your favourite diamond engagement rings?

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