How to Wear a Claddagh Ring : When You Are Single or Engaged

Do you know How to wear a Claddagh ring? Since it has a distinctive feature design on two hands that clasp a heart and commonly decorated by a crown. Those elements have their own meaning, like the heart representing the quality of love, the hands representing the friendship among friends, and the crown representing the loyalty. However, there are some ways you need to consider in using this ring since it will be different when you are single or when you are involved.

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring: Before Marriage

irish claddagh ring how to wear

How to wear a Claddagh ring if you’re single is different from when you are involved. As a single, you should wear it on the right hand. If you put it on your ring finger, you show that you are inclined romantically but you have not found the one that will marry you. In addition, how to wear a Claddagh ring in the right way is by placing the heart out. It is to indicate that you are still single, and you are ready to build a relationship. However, if you are dating someone, you need to put the heart in.

irish ring claddagh how to wear it

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring: After Engagement

Since how to wear a Claddagh ring depends on your status, you need to know how to wear a Claddagh ring when engaged. In this case, you need to wear it on your left hand. Same as the other culture, it means that you have found the one to spend the rest of your time with. To show that you are involved, you need to use with the heart out. Whereas to show that you are married, put it with heart in. It will be reversed on the wedding day.

how to wear claddagh rings

Several with that, you can wear it merely to show the Irish culture on yourself. It can be worn on a necklace, bracelet, or even in a pocket. In addition, you can only use it to remind you about your especially friend. In this example, you can wear it in any finger you want. Just put in your comfortable way. Those are explanation on how to wear a Claddagh ring.

how to wear a claddagh ring

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