Irish Claddagh Ring : The Rules on How to Wear It

For you who want to marry someone, you can use the Irish Claddagh ring as your best wedding ring choice. Sine it has a good and deep philosophy about togetherness from the hands, love from the heart, and loyalty from the crown, you may show your deep feeling towards someone you love by using this ring. Before purchasing this ring, it will be better for you to know some rules and consideration in how to wear an Irish Claddagh ring.

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Irish Claddagh Ring: For Male

There are some Irish Claddagh ring rules of this ring if it is worn by male. Since it is usually used by women, some people may not know the attention of it. As you probably know, the weight of the ring for men is heavier than Irish Claddagh ring for women. If the ring uses gemstone, the gemstone’s size would be larger. In addition, the design of the male ring is a bit different from the female one since it is a bit sturdier and more durable. In this case, you can consult the plan that look best on you.

Irish Claddagh Ring: For Female

The rules of the Irish Claddagh ring for women is a bit more complicated since it has to be placed in different ways depending on the status of marriage. If a woman is single and has not found the one close to her, the ring must be worn on her right finger with the heart symbol turned out. Whereas a woman is single but waiting for someone or even dating, the heart symbol of the ring must be placed facing in.

Different from single status, if the woman is involved or even marry to someone, she should wear it on her left finger. If you are still involved and have not said the vows to your beloved fiancé or fiancée, you should put the heart symbol facing out. Whereas, when you are already married, the heart symbol needs to be turned in. In the wedding day, usually the mother passes the Irish Claddagh ring.

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