Kate Middleton Ring: The Wedding Ring Fabulous Details

Most people of course are interested in the Kate Middleton Ring. Actually, it is not merely because of her ring, but also about the charismatic beauty of the Prince William’s wife. After their engagement news was spreading all over the cities to make many people were wondering about appearance of the Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. Public then revealed that the Kate Middleton wedding ring belonged to Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother.

Kate Middleton Ring: The Specification

kate middleton ringThe people finally knew that Kate Middleton Ring is the 18 karat sapphire that is beautifully worn by Kate Middleton as the wedding ring. The oval shaped blue sapphire is the central gemstone among the other gorgeous fourteen diamonds surrounding it. At the Princess Diana’s era, it is valued for about $47,000 or £28,000, but now, it costs $500,000 or £300,000 for about ten times more than the original value. It is worth value regarding the Kate Middleton ring details.

Kate Middleton Ring: The History

kate middleton engagement ring

The story of Kate Middleton Ring start when Princess Diana chose this blue sapphire ring as an engagement ring with Prince Charles. At that time, Diana still wore it after her divorce. Later, after Princess Diana’s death because of the car crash, actually the ring was given to Prince Harry, whereas Prince William got the Cartier watch. Then, Harry decided to give it to William because he wanted that the beautiful ring is worn by the queen of England.

kate middleton wedding ring

When we see the excellent wedding ring is worn by Middleton, we can see more similar thing between her and Princess Diana, like their manner and personality. We can also see the blue oval sapphire ring showing its beauty and its shine on Middleton finger. It seems like this wedding ring is the perfect one for her. Her modest yet elegant method creates a fabulous look on the Kate Middleton Ring.

kate middletons ring

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