Khloe Kardashian Wedding Ring: Best Details for Worth Price

Do you want to know the Khloe Kardashian wedding ring from Lamar Odom? This sensational couple may have hurried into their marriage, but it seems that Lamar prepared for the engagement ring he gave her in about 2 weeks before they tied the knot. We can say that Lamar understands the elegance and the value of the jewellery for his spouse. This ring that was made at L.A’s Vartan’s Fine Jewelry successfully bring a great enthusiasm to the public.

Khloe Kardashian Wedding Ring: The Specification

khloe kardashian odom wedding ring

This Khloe Kardashian wedding ring has 12.5 colourless or white karat diamond in the centre of the ring. The radiant cut of the diamond adds the beauty of the wonderfully smaller colourless diamonds. Halo ring is the term of these small diamonds that create the bigger influence on its central gemstone which is obviously significant. Can you imagine the luxurious ring she wears? Because of its gorgeous details, you need to spend a vast amount of money to have it on your own. It is labelled about $850,000 that making it one of the most incredible price ever.

khloe kardashian wedding ring

Khloe Kardashian Wedding Ring: The Replica

Because of the tremendous response and interest from the public, many women want to get the one like Kardashian has. Unfortunately, the cost of a similar ring is not cheap either. While the Khloe Kardashian wedding ring details is not precisely the same with the original one, you still have to prepare the high cost in purchasing it. It is because of the image of celebrity that stick to this Khloe Kardashian wedding ring.

how much was khloe kardashian wedding ring

Indeed, the gorgeous look of the fabulous radiant cut diamond is able to deliver dazzling effect. Besides that fact, it becomes very remarkable because the marriage and commitment were seen as the hyped up wedding occasion ever. The other situation that makes it hot is that Lamar and Khloe just knew for about 4 weeks before they decide the marriage. While they are no longer together, it seems that Kardashian still keeps the Khloe Kardashian wedding ring.

khloe kardashian wedding pictures ring

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