Solitaire Ring Not a very lonely

Solitaire ring – Upon hearing the word “solitaire”, the concept of loneliness can be a direct source, and the first thing that probably pops of the human mind is the image of someone sitting alone in a quiet room, laying down cards on the table, playing a game that is also known as the very name – Solitaire.

Solitaire Ring

The Solitaire “, which is used to” solitaire ring “does not mean” one “, but here it refers to the use of one single solitary stone, a solitaire ring usually referred to as ring set with one stone. But Hardy solitaire ring contains the meaning of “loneliness”. As matter of fact, it even symbolizes the end of one of solitude, when we are talking about the likes of solitaire engagement ring with a heart shaped Valentine’s Day gift for your tires.

Solitaire Ring designs for women

Stone for Solitaire ring

Solitaire rings can make the wedding bands, engagement rings, gifts, Valentine and a party, or just as a personal charm. It is very common as an engagement ring and a heart-shaped one as a gift a real crush. Stone used in solitaire ring may be a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, cubic zirconia, or any stone the man to feel it, the opportunity, beliefs or budget. Shape of the stone can be heart-shaped, oval, asscher cut, cushion cut, marquise cut, pear shape, princess cut or radiant cut, and carat size, of course, vary. The most appropriate cut and the size depends on many factors, such as the size and shape of the wearer’s fingers, hand and his personal feeling.

Solitaire Ring designs

Solitaire ring set

Solitaire rings are normally set in two different ways: the blade and the frame. The spike is the best highlight the size and brilliance of the stone. In addition, it allows more light through the stone, the basis of which it gives out more shine and sparkle. It is also a popular choice with stones solitaire rings and it allows greater visibility of the stone. But there are still people who prefer to frame in which to say that the prong setting can snag clothing and if the peaks are weak, who is responsible for losing a stone without their own awareness. Setting the frame to provide better protection than the metal around the stone, but it also means a certain extent, the less light through the stone. Of course, the debate continues on which setting is better, but more likely a matter of personal preference than anything else.

Solitaire Ring aettings


What ever choice you make, whether the type of stone, around, or even metal, whether it is made of platinum, gold or silver, the most important thing is – in a way that it will have to be wearing it. After all, solitaire ring can be your key to escape from the solitary life.

Solitaire Ring enhancers

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