Tungsten Wedding Bands: Useful Reviews on Its Pros and Cons

Many people, mostly men, are interested in the tungsten wedding bands. It is because of the simple yet elegant design and also the strength of the material. In this case, if you are going to use this kind of ring as your own wedding ring, it is better for you in knowing tungsten wedding bands pros and cons. You can see some consideration you need to do regarding its advantages and disadvantages.

tungsten carbide wedding bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands: The Advantages

As stated before, the greatest thing about the tungsten wedding bands is the power. It will not bend even you hammer it since it is 10 times harder than 18 karat gold, 4 times harder than titanium, and twice harder than steel. So, it cannot be scratch easily. Because of this reason, many men who need to lift a weight tool with their hands tend to choose this ring so that the tools cannot damage the ring. It also does not costly on maintenance.

Tungsten Wedding Bands: The Disadvantages

Besides the strength, some people do not choose this ring because it is heavy. They tend to choose the titanium rings because of the similar appearance and the lighter weight. In addition, the tungsten wedding bands cannot be resized due to the hardness. So, if you lose some weight or add some, the ring size cannot be adjusted. Fortunately, you can look for the jewellers that the grant lifetime warranty. In this case, you can get a new ring for free because of the size.

Those are the tungsten wedding bands reviews that you should know before purchasing it. Unfortunately, there are some rings that are made using cobalt. It may cause allergic reactions to your finger skin. To avoid this, you absolutely need to ask them about the substances contained in the ring. Whether you are going to purchase it to your friend as a girl, or even for your wedding, you should know the details of your tungsten wedding bands.

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